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Water Softeners

Rain water passing through the layers of soil and rock absorb mineral salts. In many cases these minerals cause water to become 'hard', causing (lime) scale in pipes and domestic appliances, steam boilers, humidifying systems, cooling towers, dishwashers and washing machines. Ion exchange water softeners remove this water hardness stopping scale build up. Water softeners can be small under the sink domestic softeners or large industrial systems.

Water is essential for life. Thats why efficient water treatment cannot be underestimated for the comfort of you and your family.

Installing a water softener has a major impact in:

  • Reducing your heating costs by maintaining the efficiency of water heating appliances.
  • Saving in repair and maintenance costs associated with lime-scale build-up in water heating equipment, washing machines and shower heads.
  • Decreasing the amount of soap, detergent, shampoo and cleaning products required.
  • Easier cleaning of surfaces, shower cubicles
  • Gives your skin a silky clean feeling.

Swan Water Softeners

This Swan range of larger cabinet water softeners, due to their size and robust design they are better suited for installation in a utility room, garage or plant room. The range caters for the average family home through to small industrial/commercial applications, they have the advantage of having a large salt storage facility and come complete with a hood as shown on the image above.

The height, width and depth (front to back) is the same for all Swan models as follows:

1190mm High, 325mm Wide, 520 Deep.

Coral Water Softeners

Our most popular Coral Water Softeners are now built with the Autotrol 255 (3/4") 762 Metered Valve, using 40% less water during regeneration.

Coral Water Softeners are:

Compact: fitting under modern sinks, specifically designed to fit in even the smallest of gaps, but still have a high capacity

Stylish: fitting equally well into any utility room or kitchen

Advanced: efficient and quiet

Designed: to be simple to use

Versatile: 2 models for any size household

Mistral Water Softeners

Designed for under sink/worktop installations, Mistral cabinets are manufactured in grey with a tough plastic finish for strength and robustness. With contrasting salt lid, they look good whether installed free-standing or under the sink.


Hoods are not required for under-sink installations and if fitted, may make salt filling a little more difficult. However, it may improve protection from the frost or merely add to the aesthetic effect when installed in other locations.

Micro Water Softeners 

A neat and ultra small softener for very small houses or single applications. Uses WRAS approved Autotrol valve.

4 litre model time or metered
Size: 520mm (h) by 195mm (w) by 430 (d)

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